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Seminário Ence: Apprenticeship as a Stepping Stone to Better Jobs: Evidence From Brazilian Matched Employer-Employee Data

Escola Nacional de Ciências Estatísticas

Seminário ENCE

A ENCE tem o prazer de convidar para a palestra:

Apprenticeship as a Stepping Stone to Better Jobs: Evidence From Brazilian Matched Employer-Employee Data

Carlos Henrique Corseuil

Dia: 22/06/2015 – segunda-feira
Horário: 16:00-18:00 horas
Local: ENCE – Rua André Cavalcanti, 106 - sala 306 – Bairro de Fátima

Resumo: The objective of this paper is to evaluate the Apprenticeship program (Lei do Aprendiz) that has been adopted in a large scale since 2000 in Brazil. This is a youth-targeted ALMP, which concedes payroll subsidies to firms that hire and train young workers under special temporary contracts aiming to help them to successfully complete the transition from school to work. We make use of a longitudinal matched employee-employer dataset covering the universe of formally employed workers in Brazil, including apprentices. Our identification strategy exploits a discontinuity by age in the eligibility to the Apprenticeship program. We examine the program impacts in terms of wage growth and attachment to the formal labor market using other temporary workers as a control group. We find that the program increases the employability of apprentices increasing the probability of employment in permanent jobs in the first 2-3 and 4-5 years after the program. We also find a positive impact on real wages that increase over time. These results hold when we use an alternative control group composed of subsidized temporary workers in an attempt to isolate the effects of the training dimension of the program. We also show that the effects of the program are slightly larger for workers that had their first jobs in large firms and much larger for workers with incomplete primary school. These results are robust to other choices of methods to deal with selection into the program on unobservables.

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Endereço: Rua André Cavalcanti, 106 - Bairro de Fátima - CEP 20231-050 - Rio de Janeiro